Inspection Testing Maintenance

Inspection, Testing & Maintenance

Inspection, Testing & Maintenance:

Simply installing a fire sprinkler system isn’t enough to meet the requirements of building codes, fire codes, NFPA 25, and insurance companies. Periodic inspection and testing and regular maintenance are necessary to make sure every component of the system is functioning properly. At MFP, our top-notch team of NICET certified inspectors offer a wide range of services, including:

• Wet pipe sprinkler
• Dry pipe sprinkler
• Deluge sprinkler
• Pre-action sprinkler
• Anti-freeze sprinkler
• Backflow prevention testing • Corrosion evaluation
• Fire pump testing
• Building and fire alarm testing
• Emergency/exit light inspection
• Kitchen hood system inspection
• Fire extinguisher inspection and testing • Clean agent systems
• Water mist systems
• Private fire service main testing
• Fire hydrant inspection
• Water storage tank inspection
• Standpipe system testing
• Fire hose inspection