Matt Mueller

I came to the fire protection industry after 15 years as a firefighter and paramedic where I witnessed first hand the type of destruction caused by fire, and how property can be saved by a fully functional sprinkler system.  This unique background has allowed me to view existing systems with an eye towards details that will keep your sprinkler system in the safest operational condition it can be.  As a NICET certified technician in the Inspection and Testing of Water Based Systems, I am able to determine first if there are issues that require correction, and then to help guide you through the sometimes complicated repair and certification process.  Upon my entrance into the industry, it became my goal to be my customer’s “go to guy” for any issues that deal with fire protection.  With an eye towards detail, and an ear toward my customer’s concerns, I want you as a building owner/manager to be secure in the knowledge that once you have Metropolitan involved in the maintenance of your system that your highest standards will be met, at a reasonable cost to you.

Phone: 847-758-9820
Fax: 847-758-9822
Cell: 847-602-3576

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